U.S. Built Custom Bicycles in Titanium and Titanium-Carbon Mix

Ryan Wilson

What do you do at Seven?

As many things as I can! I do 3D CAD models of everything from full frames, to dropouts and small parts, to production fixtures. I build new frames, fix old frames, fatigue test prototype frames and generally obsess over cool things that Seven could do in the future.

Oh, and sitting around listening to those more experienced share stories of yesteryear.

What brought you to Seven?

So the roundabout answer is that I’m a curious soul who wants to understand how everyone and everything works. People being fully in their element is incredible to observe, whether it’s a musician with a new melody, a craftsman shaping raw materials into a masterpiece, or an athlete effortlessly processing and responding to oncoming obstacles at speed. People watching, traveling, exploring, seeking to grasp what makes for such a diversity of opinions, decisions, beliefs, and values. That’s the personality that started me down my road.

A couple engineering degrees later, I came across the bio section of Seven’s website, and knew it was the right fit. Making bikes every day, riding bikes every day, working with fascinating people, living in Boston; that’s a win. Bikes are where I get to be an artist, an engineer, and an athlete. I get to make a product, that has implications ethically and socially that I can fully support. I want to be the best at what I do. Seven is the perfect place to make that happen.

When did you fall in love with bicycles?

I stayed in Germany for a year in uni and badly needed a bicycle. My landlord had an old white lugged road bike with fenders, a generator light, and 10 speeds. He told me that if I could make it work, I could ride it. On a an intern salary, I found parts at Germany’s equivalent of Target and set to work. I fell in love with the speed, the convenience, and the beauty of that bicycle. That bike meant freedom. It meant no more memorizing bus schedules. It meant going fast all the time.

What’s been your best experience on a bike?

Mixed terrain riding excites me like nothing else. You are pushing your limits, seeing places that people rarely see, and learning to handle a bike in a fun new way. Overland Base Camp sent a group of ten of us on an all night adventure, connecting the vast network of trails surrounding Boston. We stopped for dinner and a campfire halfway, then braved the pouring rain the last 6 hours. The camaraderie in the group was delightful, the paths all new and interesting, and the quiet stillness of the night, so peaceful. That was the gateway to many more adventures and I’ll look back on that fondly for years to come.