U.S. Built Custom Bicycles in Titanium and Titanium-Carbon Mix

John Lewis

The Mountain Bike
The Road Machine
My most enthusiastic riding buddy
My youngest pretending to be me
“You come to a point in your life when you really don‘t care what people think about you, you just care what you think about yourself."—Evel Knievel


I learned to ride in my grandparents driveway in rural Wales on a family visit when I was six. The bike was shiny and red. It had hard, white rubber tires. After a month of trying to get my balance running up and down the street back in the States with my dad holding the seat to keep me upright, I was all alone when I finally lifted my feet and swooped down the driveway under my own steam.

Since then, the bike has taken me everywhere, to secret trail systems, deep in the woods, to girls‘ houses when I was a teenager, to class when I was in college, and to work my entire adult life.

What I like most about riding is the independence of it. It‘s like flying a plane, I imagine. I don‘t actually fly planes, but it‘s what I imagine it‘s like, except that, after a certain age you don‘t have to tell the control tower where you‘re going.

Why I work With Seven

I work with Seven because I can. As an adult, I can ride my bike to work, talk about bikes all day, and then ride my bike home, where I ride some more with my kids. If you can do that, you do it. You just do.

My Role at Seven

I‘m an Account Executive at Seven, which means I spend my whole day trying to shorten the distance between our customers and the best bike they‘ll ever own.

Frequently Asked Questions about my job at Seven

So you work at a bike shop?

No, I work at the top maker of custom bikes in the entire world.

So…is that like working at a bike shop?


How did you get your job?

I applied for it. Then I had all my bike industry friends, both of them, call and write on my behalf. Then I hounded the powers that be for months on end until they relented and interviewed me. Then I hounded them until the hired me. It was easy.