American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Paint Care

A small amount of regular care and attention is the key to maintaining the long lasting beauty of your painted frame. We recommend the following care:

  • Avoid keeping your painted frame in full sunlight—over time concentrated UV rays may fade the color.
  • Immediately wipe off any corrosive or acidic substances such as sap, juice, sunscreen, tar, chemicals, or animal droppings.
  • Never use acetone on painted surfaces.
  • Wipe off dirt with a soft cloth using soap and water or any paint-safe cleaning product.
  • If your chainstays are painted, consider a chainstay protector to avoid chain-slap chipping.

Touch-up Paint

Of course, accidents do happen, and scratches and nicks are inevitable. For these minor imperfections, touch-up paint is available. Seven uses professional paint, equipment, and methods from the automotive industry which are unsuitable for home application. Proper touch-up paint for your Seven is available for purchase from Industrial Finishes in Eugene, Oregon. To order call 541-673-3707 (US only) or 542-621-8201 (Outside US). They will need the PPG code for the color(s). Use the chart on the right to find the code(s) for your frame. If your Seven has a custom color email us at for the “paint recipe”.

It is important to understand that touch-up paint is designed to address minor imperfections. The color or gloss may be slightly off from your original paint job. For more extensive paint restoration and obtaining a brand new showroom finish, contact us to learn about our repainting service.

Paint booth

PPG code for stock Seven colors:

Paint ColorPPG number
amber ale29109
bone (vanilla shake)90990
canaryemail us
cue ball white92565
deep coral61301
electric blueberry5161
electric greenemail us
glitter gold902608
gloss blackDMD1683
granny smith901744, 901744/2
graphiteemail us
hemlockcontact Industrial Finishes
hot pink51588
metallic black9912
mangoemail us
komodo pinkemail us
orange crush4312
orange sherbetemail us
platinumemail us
raspberry6171-Red Fire
remedios redDMD1677
robin’s egg blue6137
royal flush908344
swimming poolemail us
snow whiteDMD1684
sunny yellow85613
super hero blue6173
true blue17039
Tuscan Red915124 (3R7 Dark Red, Noble Spinel)