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Four Seasons

This design is available for a limited time beginning in February of 2018.

The bike images show are of the preproduction concept. The final design we’re offering has a few minor updates and improvements that make the design slightly more refined.

Evolution and the Story

The Four Seasons design began as a celebration of the four, distinct riding seasons here in our New England home. We were developing a new bike for year-round adventure, and we couldn’t resist using it as a canvas for telling the story of those four riding seasons. Winters can feel long and the snow deep – for some riders.

The initial design sketches began as a way to embrace winter riding, but what is striking about winter is how different everything looks compared to the other seasons. The design became a meditation on what it means to ride the same road or trail at different times of the year. It’s an exploration of how riding changes with the seasons, how you never really do the same ride twice.

By February of this year, when we released the bike (and Four Seasons design) we’d had snow, ice, and sleet, not to mention the bright sun that begins to feature in the transition to Spring. Enjoying the Winter and at the same time anticipating the Spring, and Summer and Fall, really crystallized the inspiration for this special design.

Colorways and Visual Language

The Four Seasons design is a seven-color composition that includes an exposed brushed titanium drivetrain.

The frame canvas begins with a base of cool colors, Seven’s Rocket Ship Gray and Graphite. They are metallic, but also earthy, a way to connect the bike to the terrain it will move through. The gray pairing also represents stability and solidity – a strong canvas to tell the story of the ever-changing seasons.

We chose four colors to represent the four seasons we experience in New England, bright green Springs, darker, lush green Summers, earthy, brown Falls, and white, snowy Winters. The color story begins with spring near the head tube and flows through to winter at the seat tube.

The truncated diamond shapes represent evergreen trees, or an abstracted tree icon, as they evolve through the four seasons. The abstracted tree shapes also form a negative space for the bike’s model name. This space represents the calm we’re looking for in the woods and on the roads, the search for what’s not apparent but vitally essential that makes riding worthwhile.

We gave this design a matte finish for many reasons. The matte mutes the angular diamonds and strong colors. We wanted the bike to be in harmony with nature, not competing with it. We wanted that softer tone of stability and tranquility that felt appropriate for a bike designed for exploring the seasons. We also employ the matte finish because of its tactile experience. It’s warm and velvety ’ even when covered in snow.

The unpainted drivetrain area and partially painted seatstays lean toward durability where the frame is most sensitive to surface marring and are design elements themselves. The brushed finish gives the frame another layer of texture, which sets off the paint finish and makes it more interesting.

This design is also asymmetric in most respects. The abstract trees are seemingly random – but not. This represents the unpredictability of the seasons. A lot of Seven’s newest models and upgrades feature asymmetry as strong design elements, so we wanted the paint scheme to reinforce the virtues of adaptive design, making advantages of what might, at first, seem like imbalances.

Availability and Offerings

This scheme is ideally suited for any of our full titanium frames, but we do offer a version of it for our titanium-carbon designs, too. The Four Season scheme is equally at home on all our models – from pure road, to mixed-terrain, to fat bikes. It’s really for anyone that rides year-round – or wants to start riding the four seasons – because we hope it will motivate you to be outdoors at any time of year.

Too many hours went into the original Four Seasons design, more than a dozen iterations before it clicked and the final design came together on the frame. To execute it on new bikes, each Four Seasons scheme is tailored to the size of the frame, the model, and even the tube diameters.

We are afraid to count the hours that go into each hand painted Four Seasons frameset.

The Four Season canvas is the frame, fork, and stem. We do not paint the seat post for this design. And, if the bike has a suspension fork we don't paint that, either.

The price for this scheme is $2,895 (includes painting frame, fork, and stem).

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