U.S. Built Custom Bicycles in Titanium and Titanium-Carbon Mix

Seat Stays

Curved Seat Stays

Inline S-Bend Seat Stays

Seven pioneered the use of s-bend seat stays in the late ‘90s as a way of adding vital compliance and traction to the rear of high-performance bikes. Most of our frames are built with inline seat stays, which means that both bends occur in one plane.

Moto Seat Stays

Our Moto seat stays allow for more aggressive cornering, more sure-footed switchback descents, and better road feel in the worst conditions. This new seat stay design is an evolution from our standard, dual-bend seat stays.

With Moto, we’ve been able to improve rear tire traction without reducing frame stiffness. We achieve these traction improvements through a combination of more aggressive bend profile, bending in multiple planes (3D), and a new tube butting process. What you get is a seat stay with a more dramatic shape that dissipates multi-directional force, and minimizes weight.

Moto seat stays combined with our One-Inch Chainstays provide the optimal mix of stiffness and shock absorption.