American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Varied Terrain

For the drop bar fanatic who doesn't want to be confined to pavement, we offer a boundaryless series of bikes, the Seven Evergreens. Elegantly designed to embrace the crude terrain you might encounter on your preferred loop, these bikes are perfectly outfitted to handle the rigors off the road. Disc brakes, wide tires, and fender mounts will ensure you'll have fun, no matter the direction you head.

Gravel Road Models

Evergreen PRO

Titanium chain stays and lugs shout out feedback from the trail, but the carbon tubes mute the message to a whisper. Rugged to last a lifetime, the Evergreen PRO is the ultimate off-road adventure bike.

Evergreen SL

The quintessential gravel road bike must incorporate certain features. All day comfort over roots, ruts, and rocks. Precise handling, especially on loose terrain. Smile on your face acceleration. Powerful and predictable braking. Rock deflecting durability. We designed the Evergreen SL to embrace each of these challenges.


Whichever direction you turn the bars, the Evergreen is ready for the challenge. Regardless of terrain, you$rsquo;ll have the confidence of wide tires and disc brakes for added stopping power. A rider-specific steel tube set will soak up the bumps along the path.

Evergreen S

Don't let its elegance fool you, the Evergreen S and its straight gauge titanium frame provides the rugged qualities essential for a multi-terrain bike without leaving you beat up over the miles.

Evergreen XX

The ultra-butted tubes of the Evergeen XX yield the most comfortable ride possible over gravel roads, making it an ideal match for all day endeavors on rough trail surfaces. When the path turns upward, you will appreciate its feathery lightness.

“Here stands a machine that can—and will—do just about anything you want it to. Mission accomplished.” –ProCycling