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Charity Ride Program

Seven and Participating Retailers Team Up With the Charity Ride of Your Choice

MS150 Bike


Prouty Bike


Charity Ride Participants:

Michelle Carlson

Patricia Lorbach

Cate Gallivan

Mary Harding

Special Edition Bikes Help with Fundraising and Make the Most of your Ride

More cyclists are pedaling for a cause than ever before. Now you can have the ideal bike for this year’s ride, let everyone know the importance of your cause, and raise funds to support your charity, all at the same time.

Choose your bike model, tell us your charity event and the ride date, and we will do the following:

  • Design a limited edition paint scheme specifically for your cause
  • Seven and your participating authorized retailer will commit to donating 7% of the retail value of your bike to your cause
  • Promote your involvement on this web page with a link to your donation page

Pricing for a complete painted bike starts at $3900, which means you will generate a minimum donation of $273 to your cause. In order to be fully accustomed to your new bike, we recommend placing your order at least twelve weeks prior to your event.