American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Materials Technology


A great bike isn’t so much a matter of what it’s made of as how it’s made.

Though myths still persist, simply knowing that a bicycle frame is titanium, carbon fiber, or steel will not tell you how it will perform. For each material, there are great bikes and not so great bikes.

At Seven, frame building demands a thorough understanding of each material’s properties and strengths and leveraging them through innovative design engineering. Combine this approach with the absolute highest-quality materials and benchmark craftsmanship, and you have the makings of a truly great bike.


Whether titanium, carbon, or steel, Seven frames benefit from the most sophisticated materials technology available. Our approach to developing our tubing relies on carefully leveraging a material’s strengths, while mitigating less desirable traits.

Consider our proprietary titanium tube butting technologies, which allow us to hold wall thickness variations to within 0.001"-less than the thickness of a human hair. While this might sound extreme, a deviation even this small can create a 5% difference in a tube’s ride characteristics. Tolerances this tight are critical to controlling elements such as weight, stiffness, compliance, and durability. And unlike swaging, tapering, and internal butting, our technologies do not degrade titanium’s grain structure, and thus provide superior fatigue life for a given weight.

Two-years in the development, Seven’s patent-pending carbon frame design and construction technology is truly groundbreaking. The design optimizes carbon’s formability to produce the most innovative carbon frames available. Fully customizable, aerodynamic, and lightweight, no other carbon frame offers as much.


Breakthrough design requires stepping back and carefully examining one’s assumptions. As such, product development at Seven takes nothing for granted. From the first frame to strategically pair carbon and titanium tubes, to the most customizable lugless carbon frames, looking at things differently has yielded a long list of industry firsts for Seven over the past decade. But more important, it’s yielded a lot of very happy cyclists.

Tube Sets

Cirrus™Ultra-butted 3-2.5 titaniumSpecifically engineered for light weight, Ultra-butting varies the wall thickness continuously along the tube, shaving weight wherever possible for our lightest tube set ever.
Cirrus TC™Ultra-butted™ titanium and carbon fiberFeatures a blend of filament-wound carbon fiber and our super-light Cirrus Ultra-butted 3-2.5 titanium.
Argen™double-butted 3-2.5 titaniumThe cornerstone of our materials offerings, Argen provides the perfect balance of lightweight, responsiveness, and durability.
Integrity 325™straight-gauge 3-2.5 titaniumA high-performance straight-gauge tube set for ultra-durability and greater affordability.
Argen TC™double-butted 3-2.5 titanium & carbon fiberFeatures a blend of filament-wound carbon fiber with our high-performance Argen™ tubing for lighter weight and excellent dampening characteristics.
Origin™double-butted steelA custom blend of the highest quality steels, making possible the best performing lightweight steel frames available.


“I asked for the performances and feelings of a fat aluminum frame and that is exactly what I got, 100% correct with no compromises. That the frame producing this is made from 3-2.5 titanium is all the more impressive and leaves me in no doubt that everything Seven claims they can do with this material is entirely believable.” –Pro Cycling magazine