We Couldn’t Have Said It Better – Linda Freeman

A lot of our riders end up here at one point or another, coming to see where their bike was/will be born, and recently we hosted Linda Freeman who is a fitness consultant and freelance writer from Vermont. We built her bike, an Elium SLX, with our friends at Fit Werx in Waitsfield earlier in the year. If you read Linda’s blog or her regular feature in the Rutland Herald, Active Vermont, then you know she’s a deep thinker on fitness and cycling. We had a great visit with her, which she wrote about here.


0 thoughts on “We Couldn’t Have Said It Better – Linda Freeman

  • Linda Freeman says:

    Thanks! Yes, it was a great visit! (and, not incidentally, a great product) LOVE my Elium and the sense of possibilities for future rides:)

  • Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your cycling journey Linda and for trusting us with the recommendation of your bike and then working with us and Seven to help make it a reality. Enjoy it for many, many years and many, many miles!

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