Like Elves

When you make things (like elves), you find very quickly that there is never a time when someone doesn’t want you to make something. And so, we have had a very busy December here at Seven. Rather than wax rhapsodic about the spirit of the season, let us just say how grateful we are to be able to make things people want (like elves do), and wish you all a happy holiday season.

Here are some brief scenes from shop this week:

The Next Generation


Every year, for more than a decade now, Neil Mansfield – a very longtime friend of Seven –brings his metal working students from Assabet Valley Technical School for a day in our shop. At this point, Neil can usually conjure up stories about the start of Seven and his old friends here better than we can.

A group of about 20 13-15 year-olds joined us for a Q&A with shop manager Matt O’Keefe, lead welder Tim Delaney, head machinist Skip Brown, and our graphic designer Skunk who talked about the intersection between welding and art. We followed that with an extensive factory tour.

It’s always a joy for us to see young people getting excited and curious about what we do. Hearing Neil talk to his students about a possible future where you can have a job that allows you to work in a field creating something you love reminds us that we are doing something not everyone gets to do.