The REAL Ride Gets Real(er)

The Boston Globe ran a feature on The REAL Ride this week, bringing even more local attention to this ambitious event, which will raise money for school kids who are struggling to stay on track.

Our friend Cris (caricatured at right) told The Globe, “Many people ride across the country on pavement, but we’re going to do it in an alternative way that will challenge ourselves like these students are challenged,” said Rothfuss. “These kids are off-track in the sense that they’ve wandered from a traditional educational path, but they’re making their way to a diploma, and their route is rigorous.”

The REAL Ride will cross the country, from Seattle to Boston using dirt roads and farm paths to the greatest extent possible, stretching the distance from 3,000 to 5,000 miles. The team will ride mainly Seven’s Evergreen line of adventure bikes.


Seven and the REAL Ride

More things seem possible when Cris Rothfuss is in the room. She is smart, as most who are successful in life are, but there is more. There is a personal warmth, an empathy and vulnerability right there in her eyes, in her facial expressions, that draws people in, that let’s them know she cares.

She is Executive Director of Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) and winner of one of the university’s 2016 Hero Awards, specifically for her ability to forge partnerships in diverse groups.

We are proud to call her a friend and a Seven rider and were honored to be asked to sponsor her latest project, The Real Ride, which aims to raise money and awareness for off-track high school students. Slated to begin in Seattle, Washington in the summer of 2017, The REAL Ride is a 3-month, 5,000 mile, off-road cycling event ending in Boston.

We know that the bike can be much more than transport, that riding has the power to change us, make us better in myriad ways. Rothfuss, as a passionate cyclist, knows too, and The Real Ride is an attempt to harness the bike’s power to change for a cause she believes in ardently.

Providing a good education to all of our country’s students isn’t just about education policy and budgeting. It’s also about catching students who wander from school’s path and bringing them back into a dynamic learning environment that works for them, and that’s what The Real Ride is about.

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