Portable Technologies & a Workhorse Axiom Disc

In our last post we walked through some of the features and technology in the Ultimate Axiom Disc. Halo bikes, like that one, serve some important purposes for us. The first one is to showcase, in as dramatic a way as possible, the killer bikes we’re capable of producing. More importantly, they serve as launching points for new ideas that we know we’ll incorporate into more “practical” builds, like the one above.

This is the Workhorse Axiom Disc. It incorporates the show bike’s One-Inch Fixed Chainstays, Active Race Design Geometry, and All Out Speed Kit into a more budget-oriented, everyday riding (and maybe racing) package.

Don’t get too hung up on the racing piece. The vast majority of our riders aren’t trying to win races, but they do want to go as fast as they can, given their abilities. We understand. It’s fun.

What we want to do is develop technology that is portable, across bikes and categories, whether full-tilt race bike, or go fast group ride bike.

Don’s Axiom SL

This is Don’s Axiom SL. He got it from our friends at River City Bicycles in Portland, OR. This bike was a “getting over it” project, which Don describes below. Suffice it to say this one is fast, well fit, and comfortable.

Don's Seven Axiom SL 14 Nov 15He says:

I was in a car/bike accident several months ago. Totaled my 16 yr old titanium frame. Fortunately I came out only slightly bruised. Took the insurance money and upgraded to the Seven Axiom SL. Just got it this past weekend in Portland, OR. Took it out for a 25 mile maiden voyage. The custom fit and the current technology in ti frame building exceed my expectations. Fast, smooth, comfortable, responsive. Can’t wait for years of pure joy. Haven’t owned a brand new bike in 30 years.

Thanks Seven, you must have been sent from Heaven. 



Also a shout out to Ryan at River City Bikes who talked me into the Seven experience. (he owns 4 or 5 of your bikes) Also Stuart Elgin who was my professional fitter. What an awesome, once in a lifetime experience. Thank you.  -Don