Leila’s Axiom SL

Driveway815We love getting pictures like this one from Leila K in Austin, TX. We built this Axiom SL for her with our friends from Mellow Johnny’s.

As a custom bike, the Axiom SL is one of the most versatile we make. Some riders build it for group riding, some to tour, some to commute, and others, like Leila, to race. With subtle geometry changes, an infinite number of tube choices, and then all the custom options you could want, arriving at that perfect bike is easy. Leila chose a custom decal for hers, something to set off her MJ’s team kit.

She says:

I’ve been riding it (and racing  it) for about 3-weeks now and I LOVE it! Being an odd size I’ve always  settled for whatever frame fit best. This bike fits perfectly. I’ve now raced it twice and it handles beautifully and is very responsive. I’ve already gotten so many complements on the bike. Thank you so much!

– Leila

Seven on the World Cup Circuit

Proper test ride 27

We recently built new Sola 650b SLX race bikes for Mike Broderick and Mary McConneloug and had them delivered to Germany where the pro mountain biking power couple are working their way around the World Cup circuit.

Mary said:

The frames turned out beautifully!  

The care you all take with your work, the attention to detail and finesse is second to NONE!  Rob – your design, is again, masterful!  We know so many hands played a part in this project!  Thank you guys for your artful work in planning, crafting and shipping these incredible frames to Mike and I over here in Europe!!  Mike spent the majority of this past week carefully building the frames up at the SRAM headquarters in central Germany.  Having access to a real shop (and not some outdoor RV camp spot) to build the bikes up was very much appreciated.  Thanks to our awesome crew of supporting sponsors who helped with the various components – everything came together perfectly.

We feel so lucky to be backed by the best in the industry and we are honored to represent you all out in the field!

Continuing the evolution!

We got out on our first ride in the forests of Schweinfurt yesterday and instantly were both SMILING! The fit and balance of the frames are impeccable. My first impression of riding the 27.5 wheel size was the ease of acceleration.  I could feel the relation of the pedal stroke efficiently translate my power to the smaller wheel size and it seemed easier overall to push and maintain a smooth cadence. The complete bike is also a little lighter and easier to maneuver through the tight turns of the trails…

We can hardly wait to RACE our new 27.5 Solas at the World Cup in Italy this weekend!!!

Thank you all again!!!

We are truly honored to represent Seven Cycles and ever grateful for your continued support of our team.

Yours truly,

Mary and Mike