Outdoors, Inc & The Race Between the Bridges

Here’s a handsome crew. Our friends at Outdoors, Inc in Memphis sponsor a race team called Los Locos (pictured here with some of their Sevens), and this is a shot of them just after the Race Between the Bridges, a local gravel grinder. Seven rider Hart Robinson, second from right, made this year’s race podium. Outdoors, Inc. owners Joe and Carol-Lee Royer are in the middle.

Out of 100+ starters, only approx 38 finished the race due wet conditions with clay mud and gravel.

Outdoors Inc. – Evergreening the Arkansas Dirt


Our good friends at Outdoors, Inc. have been supporters of Seven for a long time, including us in their annual cyclocross race and riding our bikes on many of their personal adventures. This week, we got a note from Joel, their buyer and manager, and also, as you’ll see below, a sharp photographer.

Good morning Seven,

I am sure you get a ton of these type emails but thought I would add to them. I recently moved to Arkansas right across the River from Memphis, and finally got to bring the Evergreen home with me for the weekend. This bike was so much fun. From deep gravel to deep dirt to crossing some drainage ditches, it rolled on through. At one point I was actually in a field with soybeans three feet up on both sides of me.

Thanks so much for working with us. We love being a Seven dealer. Have a good one.

Joel @ Outdoors Inc.