The Enigmatic and Sincerely Fast Giovani

Gio1Right now, our good friends at Cascade Bicycle Studio in Seattle are running a daily contest in concert with a mutual friend of ours, a quixotic Italian pro named Giovani.

Having not made his team’s Giro d’Italia roster (again), he is training in the misty hills of his adopted American home, and every day he posts his times for various routes. If riders, everyday schlubs like us, can beat his time, then a prize can be retrieved from CBS.

Gio2Now, not all of us can get to Seattle, and even if we could, a formidably strong rider like Giovani is tough to beat, BUT even if you can’t be there, it’s worth following along, if only for Gio’s commentary and photos.

DSC_0609“sun shines on #cbsgirobike except for days of rain”

Our erstwhile Italian friend is riding the special edition Giro Bike we built with the guys at CBS a few seasons back.