Spring’s Promise/Summer’s Heat/Fall’s Hope

IMAG2108It’s overwhelming, Spring in New England. The flood of riding possibilities that come with better weather leave you wondering what to do first, how much to do, which direction to ride. It’s like a starving person confronted with a Vegas buffet.

And in a minute, it’s summer. The riding becomes regular, more regimented. You know where you’re riding, when, and who you’ll ride with. You start to feel fit, maybe you even are. It’s hard to tell. Everyone else is getting fit, too.

IMG_1035Then the heat sets in. You pay more attention to your water bottles, spend more time, off the bike, making yourself drink water. If you set goals, you begin to know whether you achieved any of them, even if they only amount to riding more with friends.

Although it’s still warm here, the factory’s big tilting windows channeling in whatever air is available, we can feel the change to Fall coming. Conversations leave the road, turn to cyclocross, mixed-terrain, Fall mountain biking. Someone says the words “fat bike.”

310778d1448294377-seven-treeline-sl-drop-bars-=-fun-road-ish-bike-tl4If Spring is a beginning, then Fall is one, too. We start to dream about cool temperatures, wondering how much faster and farther we might go. There is an urgency, too, in Fall. Winter is coming. We will ride straight through it, but certain places and certain ways of riding will be less possible. Fall is the time to cram in the good stuff, the things we missed during the Summer’s high heat.

Plus Size Versatility

Our buddy Tim Brick, at Brick Wheels in Traverse City, MI, sent us these photos of their latest Seven demo bike, a Treeline S, built to ride as a 29+ mountain bike, or a full-tilt fat bike with 4-inch tires.

Treeline PlusVersatility is value. At first glance, the Treelines are fat bikes, built for snow adventures, but we were never interested in just building fat bikes, as awesome as they are. We wanted the Treeline to be a valuable bike year-round, which is why we made them part of our mountain line. Roll the snow all winter long, and then swap over to plus-sized tires forĀ  regular trail riding.Treeline Fat