The Kind of Email We Love to Get

We wrote to Putter to find out how he liked his new Evergreen PRO, and here’s what we got back:

Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, the bike is great.  Did my first gravel race 2 days after it was built.  Was hoping to have a bit more time to train and tweak the bike but that’s life and small world problems.

Very forgiving ride but stiff to my liking for climbing.  The race was 81 miles and 7300 feet so the Evergreen Pro was put to the test.

 Attaching a picture/s of it fresh out of the womb and then 2 days later.


Bike are, after all, for riding, and this one, built with our friends at Cascade Bicycle Studio in Seattle, came out really well.

Metal Sculpture

We received this photo from our friend Giovanni, something of a cycling mystic and guru, who lives in Seattle, a frequent visitor at Cascade Bicycle Studio, with whom we’ve built hundreds of frames, including the Axiom SL in this photo.

It reminded us that Rob V, our own mystic and founder, was in art school studying metal sculpture when Merlin Metalworks plucked him from academia and turned him into a bike builder, designer, and visionary (don’t tell him we called him a visionary).

This is at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks between the lake and sound in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

CG’s Mudhoney PRO

Another beautiful build from our friends at Cascade Bicycle Studio, this is CG’s Mudhoney PRO.


Zac at CBS says:

CG wanted a disc platform that could be raced during the cross season, and used for gravel events in the spring.   He went all in with a power meter, Enve M50 wheels, and Campagnolo Super Record. 

More photos on the CBS website.

Jon’s Evergreen SL

This is Jon’s Evergreen SL, built with our friends at Cascade Bicycle Studio in Seattle. A wide cassette with disc brakes and fenders seems to be nearly the ideal bike for Seattle’s hilly, rainy riding, and this is perhaps, the high-performance answer to every question that city can pose.

Matching Chris King pink headset and hubs are a nice touch on the bead-blasted frame.


The Enigmatic and Sincerely Fast Giovani

Gio1Right now, our good friends at Cascade Bicycle Studio in Seattle are running a daily contest in concert with a mutual friend of ours, a quixotic Italian pro named Giovani.

Having not made his team’s Giro d’Italia roster (again), he is training in the misty hills of his adopted American home, and every day he posts his times for various routes. If riders, everyday schlubs like us, can beat his time, then a prize can be retrieved from CBS.

Gio2Now, not all of us can get to Seattle, and even if we could, a formidably strong rider like Giovani is tough to beat, BUT even if you can’t be there, it’s worth following along, if only for Gio’s commentary and photos.

DSC_0609“sun shines on #cbsgirobike except for days of rain”

Our erstwhile Italian friend is riding the special edition Giro Bike we built with the guys at CBS a few seasons back.