Seven’s Festive 500

The folks at Rapha, along with Strava, invented this little holiday boondoggle a few years ago called the Festive 500, a challenge to ride 500 kilometers between Christmas and the New Year. We posted production manager Matt O’Keefe’s photos from last year here. This year we got pictures from Matt, Brad and Greg, so we thought we’d share them with you.

The week started out rainy, and Greg said he rode one of the least enjoyable centuries of his life in the cold drizzle of upstate New York, but then it warmed up and dried out. Matt said it was the best weather he’s had in the three year’s he’s taken on the Festive 500.

These first four are Matt’s. You’ll see he did some portion on his tandem, with his wife Susi along for company.




















These four are Brad’s. He did most of his on dirt, but also spun a few with friends in old, familiar places. Brad’s girlfriend owns a donut shop, so we think he should have done some extra miles.

Here are Greg’s. Greg gets extra points for finishing his 500 in just 5 days.