The Future of Clean

One of the best compliments we get about our bikes is that they look clean, which is not to say “not dirty” but that their lines are clean and true and simple. The recent release of SRAM’s eTap components suggests builds are going to get even cleaner. Check out these two very different builds from our friends at Cascade Bicycle Studio, the first an Axiom SL, a straight-ahead road bike with a little bit of Chris King bling to set off the single-color paint job.

DSC05444-1024x683DSC04814DSC04857-1024x683The second one is a refined 650b Airheart SL travel bike. Matching Brooks leather saddle and bar tape are classy finishing touches, and the travel readiness only begins with the S&S couplers. Check out the split, hammered fender, too. This is a high example of the intersection of form and function. eTap only makes this one easier to pack.

Russ’s Airheart SL

RThomas_AirheartSL3This is Russ and his Airheart SL. When we started building the Airheart line, the idea was to build the ultimate travel bike, easy to break down, pack and put on an airplane. Russ took this idea to its logical conclusion by having us build this bike to match his plane, which he flies to places he wants to ride. It’s so staggeringly brilliant, we had to share. We’re not all lucky enough to know how to fly, but we like to think that, if we weren’t so busy building bikes, we’d be doing exactly what Russ does.




Russ says:

LOVE my new bike. Rode it this morning…..first split dialing it in, then joined our Saturday group and kicked it in for rest of ride. Thought I might struggle with the pace given I put a compact crank on it but I was off the front a couple of times! Now I’m going to take it apart and pack it up for trip. 

Thanks again!