The Headbadge

Seven HBThis is our headbadge. It’s one of the very last things to go on a Seven before it leaves our door. Laser-cut and bead-blasted, we think it adds a classy touch to hand-polished titanium, filament-wound carbon fiber and painted steel alike.

It starts flat, like this. Then we clean it up the bead blaster, and we bend it in a hand press depending on the diameter of the bike’s headtube, either 1-1/8″ or 44mm. There is a long and rich tradition of headbadges on handmade frames that goes back more than a century, and it’s one of the small things that we think makes a Seven a Seven.


Joe W’s Axiom SL

2013-11-01 08.53.34We ran into Joe at the StarCrossed race in Redmond, WA. when he had just ordered his custom Axiom SL from Cascade Bicycle Studio. He opted for an oversized headtube  and a BB30 bottom bracket, as well as a stealthy, blasted decal, so we were curious to see what the final build would look like. And now, here it is.

Joe says:

When we talked at StarCrossed you ask for a finished photo of the new ride. It turned out great. Looking forward to putting some long hours on it this winter. Also, it came in pretty darn light, 16.2 lbs with tire liners, cages, pedals and a power meter (~270gr for the spider alone).

 Thanks to you and the rest of the Seven crew for putting together an awesome frame!

 – Joe

Jim’s Axiom SL


Jim got his new Axiom SL from Helen’s in Santa Monica. He also opted for the 44mm headtube and tapered steerer fork.

Jim says:

Many thanks to you and the other Seveneers for all of your help building my bike. It is exactly the bike I wanted.

She demands to be ridden fast, both up and downhill. Super stable. Crazy smooth over rough roads and comfortable enough to ride all day. I couldn’t ask for more.

Several of the articles I read advised that their bike kind of “disappeared beneath them.” I don’t think mine does that yet. To the contrary, I feel like I have a lot to learn from the bike. Every time I get off the bike I crave more. I like that aspect of her.

Below is a picture I took on our first ride up Angeles Crest Highway in Los Angeles.  You can see Downtown LA off in the distance.  From my house, it is about 15 miles, and 3,500 feet of pretty consistent climbing to get to this spot.  On that day, I just turned around and bombed back down the hill (and then rode more).  It was glorious!

Kirk’s Axiom SL with Super Record EPS


Palo Alto Bicycles customer Kirk went all out on his new Axiom SL. 44mm headtube with tapered road fork, Campy Super Record EPS electronic shifting, carbon rims and cockpit. And, he was happy with the outcome.

Kirk says:

I got the Axiom SL together last Saturday and went on my first ride yesterday. The bike’s ride and feel is incredible. I have never experienced a bike that has such sure feel about it and holds the line going around curves and downhill. I can’t wait to get back on it again.

Ambi’s 622 SLX

photo 1

This is Ambi’s new 622 SLX with integrated seat post (ISP), 44mm headtube, and Di2 shifting perched against a guard rail in the Marin headlands looking down over the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. We built it with our friends at City Cycle.

Ambi says:

My bike is finally completed and she had her first 40+miles today up and down SF hills and the Marin Headlands, even saw family of deers too. She rides as mean as she looks, and as good, as fast…super stiff, awesome downhill, uphill, cutting name it! That over-sized head tube looks insane!

Effortless! Now i need to be in shape all the time to keep up with this bike.

Thanks again for all your help and please thank Jordan and all Seven crew who helped made my dream bike. Can’t wait to ride again. You guys are awesome! I am eyeing a Ti Axiom or Cafe Racer in the future. But in the meantime this bike is so awesome!