Rik’s Sola 29S Monster Cross

This is Rik’s Sola S 29er, built monster cross style. We partnered with our good friends at Cyclefit in London for this one.

Rik says:

Picked up Tuesday. Built Weds/Thurs. Ridden Saturday!!

Proper good. Def. not gravel, or road-plus, this is proper monster cross!! Very happy man!!



Recent Builds from Cyclefit UK

Most bike shops can put a bike together, but a fine few have the vision, knowledge, and discerning eye to build great bikes. Our friends at Cyclefit UK (Covent Garden, London and Manchester’s Northern Quarter) are just such an operation, and here are two recent builds to illustrate our point.

First we have Johannes’ Sola SL 29er, which I’m sure you’ll agree, is beautifully proportioned, well appointed, and aesthetically striking, with bead-blasted “decaling,” a Ti seatpost and wide/short cockpit.

IMG_2482Next we offer Richard’s Evergreen SLX. Richard has gone for the low-profile blasted decal as well, with no wheel decals, a low, clean fender line and an eTap drive train. There’s likely not a more elegant bike in London.RH1lr

Brad’s Sola SL

This is Brad’s Sola SL, built with our buddy Manuel at Maglia Rosa NYC.

BR1Hi Seven,

Took it out to Trail View State Park and Stillwell Woods Park on Saturday with my son Josh (12).  First time back in the woods after a long time, but the bike made it great; it was super comfortable, and the 29” wheels rolled over everything. The only thing holding me back was me – definitely not the equipment. I’ve put some pictures below; can’t wait for next weekend. Thanks again for an incredible job on the frame – truly beautiful welds – and props to the guys at Maglia Rosa for an awesome build.

Thanks !



Seven’s McConneloug Wins Pan American Championship

Team+work!!!Last week, Seven-sponsored mountain bike racer Mary McConneloug took the overall title in the elite women’s field at the  2013 Pan American Continental Championships. The race was held in the high mountain valley basin in the small town of Tafi de Valle, Argentina.  Both Mary and teammate/husband Michael Broderick, who also competed, arrived 10 days early to acclimate to the higher altitude and prepare for the challenge as best as they could.

This is Mary’s 4th Continental Champion Title in the past 10 years riding a custom Seven.

Mary reported to us after her win saying:

“My IMX 29er was incredible once again… and especially fast as she lost a bit of weight (over a pound) when we installed SRAMs XX1 components…  It was surely a team effort!  THANK YOU all at Seven Cycles for your commitment to building the best bikes on the market!  We are honored to represent!”

For pictures check out their blog.

Congratulations to Mike and Mary for another amazing win. We are proud to have you as representatives of the Seven Cycles team.

Neil’s Big Orange Monster CX

Performance Fit Designer Neil has ideas he just can’t let go of, and he always has a project going, so none of us was too surprised when he started pushing around the concept for a new monster CX bike based around our Expat S frame set. We had done one for our old friend Chipps Chippendale at Singletrack magazine, so that build was fresh in mind.

We were on our regular Friday shop ride, mountain bikes on local trails, and that ride always presents the challenge of breaking off at the end and getting to work on time, or at least on-time-ish. So Neil got to thinking of good solutions, and this is the result.

The 29-inch wheels allow him to crush it on the trail. The on-board bag takes care of commuter essentials. The disc brakes make it an all-weather beast. It rolls fast across town with a stiff, compact geometry and a rigid steel fork.

The orange paint with red and black accents is an homage to the Bridgestone XO-1 Neil grew up coveting, and we did a custom decal (see left) that echoes the famous Bridgestone decal from that great builder’s hey-day. If you’re going to nerd-out, go all the way, right?

The XO-1 was originally sort of the slow-roller in the Bridgestone line-up. It came with a moustache bar and an upright riding position. It’s a short step from there to the wide drop bar associated with modern monster cx set ups. The disc brakes and fat tires just complete the re-think of this classic bike.

We saw our friends from River City Bicycles at the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, and they asked what weird, whacky stuff we were tooling on in our spare time. Well here it is guys, a throw-back Monster CX commuter..