We are going to have a new race bike to show soon. We’ve been working on it under cover darkness, all sworn to secrecy, each of us contributing what we can to make it something special.

We anticipate it being polarizing, some people getting one look and hating it, others loving it. We’re ok with that.

One of the great joys of doing what we do is pushing boundaries and making something new.

Unlike many bike builders, we don’t have to prepare engineering drawings (although we do), and then send them out for someone else to fabricate. We design, prototype, refine, and build right here.

Seven’s R&D program is a bit like an iceberg. To most, only a little is visible, but there is so much going on beneath the surface. We do a lot of math. We test a lot of material. We do 3D modeling and printing of parts and fixtures.

Most weeks we are working straight through the weekend on these projects, taking advantage of the quiet time to dig deeper into the bike building puzzles we’ve devised for ourselves.

It’s probably obvious by now that we’re dying to share more with you, but wait a little. It’s coming.

#racingoptimizedexotica #ROX

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