More as Sculpture – Leon’s Axiom S

Seven_Mar-18-2014Last month, together with our good friends at Velosmith, we delivered an Axiom S to professional photographer Leon Ikler. And before Tony and Andrew at the shop could work their magic on the final build, Leon took the frame away to photograph in his studio.

Leon said, “My idea was to capture the form and detail of the frame more as sculpture then just a shot of the bike from the “drive side” and I’m pleased to share my vision with you.”

Here is some of Leon’s vision:





One thought on “More as Sculpture – Leon’s Axiom S

  • Randy Ventgen says:

    I too look upon my recently built Axiom S as though a work of art, and separate from riding it. Although painted hemlock green when I look at it from any view I’m always impressed by the form and finish. I have a Evergreen S pending in a different paint that I’m also looking forward to being able to appreciate.

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