Mike’s Expat S – France, Belgium & Pike’s Peak

This is Mike and his Expat S at the top of Pike’s Peak.

And here is Mike’s Expat S at the foot of the Kemmelberg in West Flanders, Belgium.

Mike does cool stuff and makes us look good. Thanks, Mike and big thanks to our friends at Bike Doctor Waldorf for collaborating with us on such cool builds.

He says:

I thought I’d pass along a couple of shots from the adventures I’ve had on the last bike you did for me.  It saw lots of early-season action during the Polar Vortex before heading out to Belgium & France to ride the Tour of Flanders route as well as the Paris-Roubaix Challenge Sportif.  That was followed a trip out to Denver in August to ride & watch some of the US Pro Challenge as well as climb Pikes Peak.  The bike has been a rock star throughout, so I’m looking forward to many more great trips with it!  I’m currently registered for the Bike Four Peaks stage race in Austria this June with the newest build, so it’s going to get lots of love too!



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