Michael’s Axiom S

This is Michael on the Axiom S we built for him in 2010, riding the UK’s London Surrey 100. Check out his story below.


Hello Seven,

On August 2, 2015 my Seven carried me to the finish in the London Surrey 100. This turned out to be my fastest century and was an inspiring experience I will never forget. From QE Olympic Park, out of London to the challenging Surrey hills, and back to Buckingham Palace 100 miles later, my Seven performed spectacularly.

image1While in London, I had a chance to ride with a local bike club a couple times prior to the big event. My Seven was the talk of the rides with several mates switching their rides with me for a few miles. Thanks for building a great bike for me!

The route was the 2012 Olympic course! 100 miles of closed roads! We climbed Newland’s Corner, Leith Hill, and Box Hill starting around mile 43 and ending around mile 70. Over 4000 feet of climbing. Making the final turn at Trafalgar Square, speeding under Admiralty Arch, and sprinting down The Mall to the finish at Buckingham Palace will be a lifelong remembrance.

The local support in all the small villages we rode through was exhilarating. All along the way people were roadside waving flags, clapping, cheering us on with smiles. When I face day to day challenges, I remind myself that I climbed the 1.25 miles of Leith Hill at 14.5 percent grade. Makes the daily tasks seem less challenging.

Michael T

Holland, MI


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