Leila’s Axiom SL

Driveway815We love getting pictures like this one from Leila K in Austin, TX. We built this Axiom SL for her with our friends from Mellow Johnny’s.

As a custom bike, the Axiom SL is one of the most versatile we make. Some riders build it for group riding, some to tour, some to commute, and others, like Leila, to race. With subtle geometry changes, an infinite number of tube choices, and then all the custom options you could want, arriving at that perfect bike is easy. Leila chose a custom decal for hers, something to set off her MJ’s team kit.

She says:

I’ve been riding it (and racing¬† it) for about 3-weeks now and I LOVE it! Being an odd size I’ve always¬† settled for whatever frame fit best. This bike fits perfectly. I’ve now raced it twice and it handles beautifully and is very responsive. I’ve already gotten so many complements on the bike. Thank you so much!

– Leila

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