Cycling Silk Reaches The End Of The Road

Mel Yule and her Expat S on the Silk Road

The intrepid Cycling Silk duo, Mel Yule and Kate Harris have finally finished their incredible journey.  10 months ago they set out from Istanbul, Turkey, carrying everything they’d need on a couple of Seven Expat S bikes, determined to travel the entirety of the Silk Road in the name of transboundary conservation.

Along the way, they wrote beautifully crafted prose about the ups and downs, as it were, of crossing mountains, forging rivers, and communing with nature and people, all from the vantage point of their bicycles.

Ten months ago, in January, Mel and I lurched off the European shore of Istanbul, Turkey with overburdened bikes and quaking legs. Just a few days ago, in late October, we pedaled into Leh, a small city barnacled onto the Himalayan mountains in northern India. In the months between, we consumed roughly 10,000 packs of instant noodles to fuel nearly 10,000 km of riding, polishing our souls on roads rough as pumice on this pilgrimage to the Silk Road’s wildest mountains and deserts.

We met impaling rains and snows on Turkey’s Black Sea coast; shivered through the Caucausian mountains of eastern Turkey and Georgia; thawed out painfully in Azerbaijan; biked into the beating hot heart of the Ustyurt Plateau straddling Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, then on to the fabled Silk Road cities of Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand; rode into the relief, in all senses, of the Pamir mountains, as we traced the fluid Tajikistan-Afghanistan border for nearly a thousand kilometers; dashed across Kyrgyzstan’s swaying green steppes to reach the blazing rock of Xinjiang in western China; climbed up and over the forbidding, forbidden Tibetan Plateau, a stealth mission that sets our hearts racing just remembering it; and plunged down into steamy Kathmandu, then across Nepal’s plains and tiger-prowled jungles.

Mel Yule and Kate Harris

Click here to continue reading about Mel and Kate’s adventure, and to find out what they’re up to next!.

0 thoughts on “Cycling Silk Reaches The End Of The Road

  • Michael Montgomery says:

    Thank you for your support of these two intrepid adventurers! Without your help, they would have walked a good deal of their 10,000 km journey—or at a minimum, not ridden with such panach!

  • Gary Ammarell says:

    A beautifully written book that belongs on the Top Shelf in my bookcase filled with adventure travel stories. I hope to see another book from you someday! Gary Ammarell

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