The Seven Cycles Showroom

Our showroom, such as it is, is a beautiful space, with vaulted ceilings and a generous supply of natural light.  In the morning, the sun slants in through the blinds and bathes the few bikes that live there in a warm glow.

Invariably, we display our project bikes there.  The Berlin Bike is often in residence.  The Bicycling Magazine bike has been a frequent occupant. But, also invariably, those bikes want to go out to bike shops for display or for special events.

Today, just today, the bikes in the showroom consist of: Rex, the very first Seven, the primogenitor, the bike that spawned all others; Rob’s belt drive Cafe Racer with custom Tiberius handlebar and S&S frame couplers; Karl’s Elium SL, all carbon lightness in a pure-speed build.

We should make clear that employee bikes end up in the showroom quite a bit.  Back at home, garages and storage rooms struggle to accommodate all of our cycling predilections.  It ends up being a symbiotic arrangement.  The showroom gets beautiful bikes to display.  And our loyal Seven staff get more space for even more bikes.

There are a few frames hung in one corner, examples of our best custom paint work, and a pair of Elium SLXs with internally routed Di2 builds. They’re on their way out, demo bikes for shops who want the very latest in their own showrooms.

We joke a lot about the showroom.  What do you call a bike company with no bikes?  More than once, a passing tour has offered to buy an employee’s bike right off the display rack.  It’s good to make a product you can’t keep in stock.  It’s the problem you want to have..

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