U.S. Built Custom Bicycles in Titanium and Titanium-Carbon Mix

Lead-Time: Competing with Speed

lead time

One of the true innovations Seven cycles has brought to the bike industry is the idea that you can have a bike built-to-order faster than ever before – faster in many cases than the time it takes to obtain a production bike. By harnessing the versatility of our flexible manufacturing system, Seven provides the highest quality, most customized rider experience possible, and can offer that experience in whatever timeframe you prefer.

How Seven Defines Lead-Time

Lead-time refers to the length of time between when you place a new frame order and when it is ready to ship*.

Changes in Lead-Time and Seasonality

The reason we publish current lead times on our website is because seasonality and changes in demand impact the way lead-time is calculated. Depending on a number of factors, lead times can increase or decrease. During peak times of year, our lead times will increase as a function of the number of orders we receive. We make modifications to staffing and processes in order to optimize workflow and reduce lead-times, but often during Spring and Summer in North America, we will experience demand that exceeds the limits of our production system. We publish lead-times to help set expectations and also let everyone know how competitively we can deliver built-to-order products.

Special Circumstances

Regardless of time of year, if you have an important race, trip, or other special event coming up, let us know and we can work with you to meet your delivery needs. One of the ways we can do this is through our First Priority Production™ Service, which allows us to meet virtually any deadline. For an additional charge, we can design and build your bike in as fast as one week. Contact us for details and current pricing based on lead-times.

*The Fine Print

Lead-time refers to how quickly your frame will be ready to ship. This figure does not include shipping time to your retailer, nor does it include time required for complete bike assembly. To minimize total delivery time, additional charges to expedite shipping and schedule your bike build may apply. Please contact your local Seven Authorized Retailer for details.