American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Seven Aluminum Stem

Product Data Sheet for the Seven Aluminum Stem

3-dimensional forgingBetter grain flow, 1 piece designHigher strength, longer service life, lightest weight
Reversed, 4-bolt faceplatePrevents the bar clamp bolt heads from working against the faceplateReduces risk of premature fatigue failure, cleaner looking
Bias cut steerer clamp, opposing clamp boltsAvoids point loading on carbon steererReduces risk of carbon steerer failure
7075-T6 aluminum bodyStrongest aluminum alloy availableHigher strength allows lightest weight
Seven custom faceplateBetter clamping surface area; designed by SevenLess flex, maximum strength
Stainless steel boltsGreat strength, will not rustCleaner looking
Integrated washersNo parts to loseEasier, faster setup and changeover

Specifications (Road and Mountain)

Lengths available8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 cm
Handlebar clamp diameter31.8 mm
Retail price with stainless bolts$110
Weight of 11 cm with stainless bolts131 grams
Angles available96° or 84°
Steerer diameter1 1/8"
Steerer clamp bolt torque setting55-70 inch/lbs.
Faceplate bolt torque setting55-70 inch/lbs.
FinishMatte black anodize
Warranty1 year