American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Seven 5E Carbon Fork

Product Data Sheet for the 5E Molded Carbon Fiber Fork

First carbon fiber fork designed from the ground up by a custom bike manufacturer Developed by bike designers; fork is designed to match frame characteristics rather than designing frames to match pre-existing fork options The fork combines benefits of aerodynamics and handling precision, performance and comfort

Perfect match of fork to frame for best handling and performance.
First carbon fiber fork designed to allow for extensive rake choices Fork is optimized to the frame, rather than vice versa. Allows fork handling to be integrated into the frame design. This fork sets a new standard for custom frame/fork tuning. Handling can now be perfectly optimized to each rider‘s needs.
8 different rakes available
  • Optimized trail
  • Eliminates the need to compromise frame geometry based on rake constraints
Precise control over bicycle handling characteristics.
Proprietary one-piece manufacturing process Fully integrated carbon steerer, crown and leg construction features 100 percent carbon throughout Unrivaled strength, very lightweight
Wide fork crown High lateral rigidity without added weight
  • More tire clearance
  • No modification to the fender necessary
Precise handling
  • Fits tire size up to 25c with fender
  • Fits tire size up to 28c w/o fender
  • Reduces build time; easier setup
Wide blade More lateral rigidity without added weight
  • Excellent cornering and descending performance
  • More sure-footed, so you can attack the descents
47 mm deep blades, true aerodynamic shape Excellent aerodynamics while enhancing lateral rigidity Faster
Optional integrated fender mount Fork specifically fabricated for your needs

Your choice:
  • Fender mounts for fenders
  • No mount if you don't want fenders


Retail price$545
Weight with full 350 mm steerer390 grams
Steerer diameter1 1/8"
Rakes available36-58 mm, 3 mm increments
Maximum tire size28c
Maximum tire size w/ fender25c
Integrated fender mountYes, optional
Fork Length375 mm
Maximum spacer height3 cm
FinishGloss weave carbon
Warranty1 Year