U.S. Built Custom Bicycles in Titanium and Titanium-Carbon Mix


Seven’s components reflect our commitment to enhanced performance and improving your cycling experience. Quite simply, there’s no better choice for your Seven frame.


Seven’s Road and Mixed-Terrain Forks

Seven’s forks are all designed to complement your frame’s very personalized handling characteristics. Each one has a carefully considered set of features (e.g. hidden fender mounts or industry best tire clearance) that make it the best in its category.

Seat Posts

Seven Titanium Seat Post

We like titanium best as a seatpost material because it offers a compliance that no other material can match. On the road or on the trail, the added comfort isn’t just about how your body feels. It also affects your ability to handle the bike in tight spaces and over rough terrain. Available in any length in either 27.2mm or 30.9mm diameters.

Mountain Handlebars

Seven Mountain Handlebars

Our custom Ti flat bar is built to order, according to your specifications for length, bend, and stiffness. Titanium’s dynamic compliance is a natural on the trail, where it improves rider grip and decreases hand and arm fatigue.


Seven Titanium Spacers

Custom-made 3-2.5 titanium headset spacers complement your frame perfectly. Ultra-durable, light weight, and refined in appearance, we cut them to size for each frame.

“The Seven stem is as classy as a vintage Ferrari.” –Bike