U.S. Built Custom Bicycles in Titanium and Titanium-Carbon Mix

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Customer Comments:
Service and Quality

“I had never owned a custom-built bike and had great expectations. Seven did not disappoint. What surprised me most was how the design incorporated everything I asked for; a perfect balance of comfort and performance. How does a bike start as an idea, become a conversation and end in precise fruition? You must employ mediums because it's like you read my mind. ”

Derek H., Ohio

“Thanks again for your dedicated work. In these days of employees working for a paycheck it is nice to know that there are people left that take genuine pride in their work. I have had my Odonata for a year and the love continues to grow.”

Steve T., North Carolina

“I am impressed with everything about Seven Cycles - the web page, the actual bikes, the reputation that precedes Seven, and the people (i.e., you). You have eliminated my indecision.”

Doug B., Virginia

“Thank you Seven for all the personal attention, inspired design, meticulous attention to every detail, and astonishing fabrication methods.”

Peter M., New York

“Thank you for your letter of January 22nd. Like everything else I've encountered in my dealings with Seven, it's another example of the kind of attention to detail that results in exceptional design and extraordinary performance.”

Rob M., California

“What really sets Seven apart, however, is your dedication to communicating with, and servicing your customers.”

Stani B., Michigan

“I must admit, I was so very impressed and pleased with the fact that a bike company actually takes the time to call a potential customer and answer all of his questions and concerns.”

Nick C., North Carolina

“It was not lost on me that my fit was quite difficult, and I want you to know that you surpassed any hope I might ever have had concerning the bike. You were terrific, all of you.”

Annie F., Pennsylvania

“It's always a pleasure to work with a company that manufacture a great product and provides wonderful customer service. Thanks again!”

David M., New York

“Everything from your brochure, to your web site, to our phone conversations has been an enjoyable experience. Your attention to detail and organizations has been first rate.”

Todd B., California

“This bike has the best ride I've ever felt. The balance, quickness, stability and precision is never in doubt, whether racing, training or joy riding. [...] From day one Seven has taken very good care of me. Jennifer has gone out of her way several times to get me the information needed, and has been very helpful with everything involved in making my decision to purchase this frame. Rob took the time to personally work with me on specific concerns regarding set up, and customized the frame to my exact needs. This will always be remembered. Keep up the fantastic work, success will forever follow.”

David R., Massachusetts