U.S. Built Custom Bicycles in Titanium and Titanium-Carbon Mix

Beyond the Bike

Without a doubt, a handcrafted precision-fit bike goes a long way to producing a better cycling experience. But our mission at Seven also drives us to think beyond the bike. Fueling our commitment not only to building great bikes, but to helping build strong cycling communities, as well.


Whether you simply love cycling or have an uncompromising sense of what you really want from life, choosing a Seven says a lot about you. It also reflects a commitment to cycling’s future. You see, Seven is not only a company of designers, engineers, craftspeople, and service professionals. We’re also a company of cyclists. And we realize that no matter how carefully we design and craft your bike, it’s worth very little without safe and enjoyable places to ride it.

That’s why we’re a proud supporter of Bikes Belong, Bikes-Not-Bombs, IMBA, MassBike, NBDA, and NEMBA. We also serve the Massachusetts Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board. Because while a custom Seven may help you ride faster, organizations like these may help you ride longer.


Sevens are sold exclusively through bicycle retail shops, which have long been hubs for local cycling communities. In their support, we do not offer Sevens via mail order, the Internet, or factory direct.

Our commitment is also evident in our warranty. We stand behind your Seven for as long as you own it. With this pledge, we not only take pride in your bike’s creation, we take responsibility.


Since our inception, Seven has been dedicated to minimizing our impact on the environment. Perhaps this is most obvious in the choices we’ve made throughout our manufacturing processes.

Consider our use of petroleum-free cutting fluids, for example. Sure, oil-based fluids improve machine tool life. But we think that’s a trade-off worth making for a healthier environment. By the same token, no law required us to invest in a special paint system that allows us to reuse solvents, recycle paint waste, and reduce fumes and particulates to almost nothing.

Likewise, when we ship your frame and the retailer unpacks it, he probably won’t notice the custom insert we designed to hold the frame in place without mountains of packing materials. But the way we see it, being a good corporate citizen is like building a Seven. It’s not about doing only what is required. It’s about doing what is right.

Beyond the Bike
“My Seven…it’s a thing of beauty. Again, please accept my deepest thanks for all your assistance and to each of those that contributed in the making of it. You guys at Seven Cycles went ‘above and beyond the call of duty’… for me, you have been the best example of what dealing with the customer is all about and that’s not just in the biking industry.” –Jack S., TX