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December 2011
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The Green Mountain Double Century

Cyclocross Magazine

Words & Photos by Natalia Boltukhova | Pedal Power Photography

Issue #14 of Cyclocross Magazine included a multi-page spread featuring some Seven bikes outfitted as randonneurs, and highlighting the riding and endurance skills of Matt Roy, David Wilcox, and John Bayley as they conquered the Green Mountain Double Century. Natalia Boltukhova of Pedal Power Photography captured some incredible images of these guys at every step of this grueling race, and she also wrote many tongue-in-cheek captions that, along with her photos, provide a vivid picture of that epic day. In the competitors' own words, it was: "Insane. Nuts. Brutal. Inhumane."

A little bit about the bikes:

Matt Roy had this to say about his experience on the Axiom SL Randonneur bike that day:

“The Axiom SL Rando project bike was great… I beat the living hell out of it. I wore through a set of brake pads in the first 100 miles. I can't believe it showed up on my porch on Thursday morning and I put it through ungodly conditions less than 48 hours later. It handled amazingly well, climbed great, descended great, felt great!”

Read on to get the full stats of the race, including calories consumed and burned, feet ascended, and number of brake pads replaced, and to see the gallery of Natalia’s beautiful photographs.

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Official Data

  • 205 Miles
  • 80% dirt roads
  • 25,000 fine Vermont feet of vertical climbing
  • [Winning] Team:Matt Roy, David Wilcox, John Bayley
  • Date: June 11, 2011
  • Start time: 4:01am
  • Projected finish time: 7:00pm-8:00pm
  • Actual finish time: 11:01pm
  • Weather Conditions: typical New England (rain showers, low 60s, overcast)
  • Total actual distance: 208.8 miles (according to Garmin 705)
  • Elevation gained: Approximately 25,000 feet
  • Total time: 18:52:27
  • Total ride time: 16:14:12
  • Average speed: 12.9mph
  • Calories consumed: approximately 6,150 (according to Matt Roy’s calculations—and he is some sort of medical scientist)
  • Calories burned: 15,810 (according to Garmin 705)
  • Flat tires: 1 (pinched on a rocky descent)
  • Brake pads replaced: 2 sets on Matt’s bike; David confessed he could have used a new set in the rear and has since replaced both sets in his bike; John attested to his brakes still having some life left over after the finish, but her remains unable to perform typing on his computer due to sore hands from braking on descents.
  • Hypothermia: barely avoided
  • Support crew: Maureen Bruno-Roy (Matt’s wife and one of New England’s top cyclocrossers in her own right, with super-human organizing skills, mind reading powers, brilliant off-road driving abilities, unsurpassed stamina and positivity-charging powers) and Natalia Boltukhova (photographer, and water bottle-and-what-have-you passer from the car)