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Graphic Designer / Village Idiot

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ďThe only thing better than Sevens are the Sevens we haven't built yet. Itís exciting to be a part of that.Ē


Born on a heavy gravity planet, I pilot a mighty ship, the USB Cloudbuster, a 200-pound bicycle equipped with a stereo system, lights, and telescoping disco ball known as 'the Disco-Death-Stah'.

I'm the Fleet Admiral, founder and leader of SCUL, a Boston Area bicycle nerd gang established in your Earth Year 1996.

I make robots, rayguns, rocketships and critters from re-purposed metal under the name Skunkadelia. I enjoy sewing, electronics, cooking, making music, philosophy, and making the most of life.

I pass on my TIG welding skillset teaching TIG classes at the Artisan's Asylum.

Why I work With Seven

I stopped making ice cream cones and began making bikes in 1993. My cousin, my brother and my sister have all worked together making bike frames. I guess I'm the only one stubborn enough in my family to stick with it.

My Role at Seven

I was a machinist when I first started working at Seven. Since then, Iíve taken on many roles, including final machining and finishing, welding, shipping, inspection, and repairs. I've been the in-house graphic designer since 2006.

Frequently Asked Questions about my job at Seven

What exactly do you do here, anyway?
My current title is Graphic Designer, and much of my day involves many things that fit under that umbrella, including web design and maintenance, photography, print design, Photoshop and Illustrator work. However Iím game for just about anything thrown at me.

Whatís your real name?


My Sevens

The phrase "The best bikes in the world are the ones that are ridden" resonates with me. I pride myslef in enjoying whatever two wheels happen to be under me. However, when I'm on my Seven, it's almost as if many of the laws of friction and mass are seriously shifted in my favor.

Axiom: Serial No: C327

Every time I take it out, I am amazed just how responsive and agile a bike can be. It feels like every pedal stroke is amplified and transformed into unadulterated speed.

Axiom (singlespeed)

The only stainless Seven ever made. Complete with S&S couplers. Unfortunately, stainless in inherently low in fatigue strength, so it's no longer around. It was a dream come true while I had it.