American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Paulina Baez-Zepeda


I am originally from Mexico City, but was raised in a town named Dacula, 40 miles outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I remember flying in from Mexico to land at the Hartsfield-Jackson airport and looking outside the window and noticing the entire land beneath me was covered in trees. This image differed from what I remembered about life in Mexico City, as it was polluted and everywhere you turned you would see cement or brick buildings with the exception of the Volcano Popocatépetl. Moving away from the concrete jungle sparked an adventurous curiosity within me, and as I grew up if I was not playing video games or painting in my room while listening to music, I was gardening, hiking, running long distances, cycling, long boarding, or simply just exploring outside.

What do you do at Seven?


What brought you to Seven?

Like most passionate people, I want to expand my knowledge in anything related to cycling and the bike industry. For me, a bike is not a toy and it is not a tool, although they can provide fun and utility. A bike to me is an extension of myself and capabilities; what you put into your bike comes right out. It seemed to me that Seven and the crew share the same idea as far as getting a result equivalent to the sum of its original parts. Everyone here is incredibly talented and there is so much to speak about regarding the passion coming from the founders. I wanted to work with passionate leaders, learn from experienced and innovative creatives, and share good times with people who love bikes and biking just as much as I do.

When did you fall in love with bicycles?

Certainly when I was a toddler and then again as an adult. The memories are:
  • The first time was when I was about 5, riding my sister’s yellow and blue bike, with training wheels. I remember the colors so vividly and thinking I felt like a Power Ranger when I was on it.
  • The second time was when I was riding my own bike in a bike-themed park in Mexico City where basically only bikes are allowed but there are traffic lights and signs along the path to simulate real traffic. I felt fast and cool riding like I would in a car. Little did I know I was going to come to love bicycles far more than cars!
  • The third time was after I broke my left foot while training for a marathon happening in Boston; I began physical therapy and was abysmally depressed because I was not allowed to run while on recovery. At the time, I had a 1984 Steel Panasonic bike a friend had given me for free. I put the saddle up as high as I could, replaced the chain rings, cassette, handlebar tape, cables, housing, wheels, tires, etc. and put myself to work. After a few months of recovery, I was running and biking everywhere; but I far more enjoyed biking and so my thirst for knowledge began…

What’s been your best experience on a bike?

Every time I am on the saddle is the best experience for me. I do not have anxiety when I am on my bike… even when I am on a race starting line. I wake up thinking of riding, day dream of riding, and fall asleep thinking of riding. (Come to think of it, one time I was in line at a grocery store with my bike next to me and a person told me they thought my bike was a beautiful piece of machinery. That almost made me cry.)

My Future Seven?

Axiom S
Redsky SL
Evergreen SLX