Our Daily Ride

Did you know that more Seven employees commute to work on their bicycles than by car every day? Some of us ride Sevens specifically designed for commuting, while others commute on non-Seven bikes. We think any commuter bike is a good one!

Here are the Sevens that employees use for the ride to and from work. Click on the images to get a closer look. Click on the employee names to see their biographies.

Heavy Duty

Matt O'Keefe - Commuter
Matt O'Keefe

Jen Park - Commuter
Jen Park

Rob Vandermark - Commuter
Rob Vandermark


Stef Adams - Commuter
Stef Adams

Jake Bridge - Commuter
Jake Bridge

Jen Park - Commuter
Jen Park

Mike Salvatore - Commuter
Mike Salvatore


Skip Brown
Skip Brown

Tim Delaney - Commuter
Tim Delaney

Neil Doshi - Commuter
Neil Doshi