American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Nick Maggiore


As a boy growing up in suburban New Hampshire I rode bikes pretty much all summer almost always on the fire roads that littered my town, and almost never by myself. There was a group of 4 of us that would ride from sun up until one of us would crash badly enough to need to go to the doctor. I watched my brother and our neighbors crash into, and off of, all of the things that we could find.

Fast forward 15 years; I decided to buy a bike to shorten my commute to work. Three months after that I bought my first kit, and did a 30-mile ride with a couple of co-workers. I couldn’t walk, remember my name, or deal with life at the end of that ride. I was hooked. Now I ride most days, often not on the road, in a group or alone, on my road, cross, or mountain bike. Only sometimes does someone need to go to the doctor at the end of the ride.

My Role at Seven

I get to send people boxes of awesomeness.

My Future Sevens

(in ever changing order)

Sola 29 SL

Mudhoney SL

Axiom SL track