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Salvatore: Kind to Small Animals

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"That which does not kill you leaves a pretty nasty scar."

Bikes have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. Iíve come a long way from using a croquet mallet to take the fenders and chain guard off of my sisterís bike when she abandoned it in the backyard. Years later and Iím still trash picking bikes but find myself adding fenders and chaingaurds.

After working in photography for ten years, a chance encounter with Matt OíKeefe landed me a job at Merlin, which was a cross between heaven and kindergarten. When Seven formed, I begged Rob Vandermark for a job and he eventually relented. Iíve been here at Seven since we made frame number 143.

Iíve raced road, cross, track, mountain, done long Brevets, long scary commutes, and rides with my friends that go from one coffee shop to the next. I like those the best.

Other than riding bikes, I like hiking, camping, riding my motorcycle, and anything else that gets me outside. I have a bunny and a kitty, both of whom I love very much.

Why I work With Seven

Iíve always loved working with my hands and here Iím surrounded by like-minded, skilled people who are passionate about what they do.

My Role at Seven

Iím a welder and I also do CAD drawings.

Frequently Asked Questions about my job at Seven

Where did you learn to weld?

On the mean streets of Watertown.

followed by...

Can you make me one?

Sure, Iíd love to!

Mike Salvatore

My Sevens

Ti Tsunami

painted pink

11 yr. Old Ti Sola.

Time for an upgrade!


(what weight limit?)

Currently ďborrowingĒ the shop Duo

Steel Odonata.

Heaven on wheels.

Axiom SG

Elium Track

Made for the handbuilt show.