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Throughout my life I keep rediscovering a new and ever-growing lust for bikes. My dad taught me how to ride in the suburbs of Tampa where I grew up. To keep me from crying every time I fell he would fall with me and start laughing. The thrill of riding around the neighborhood turned into a form of transportation and onto a love of going real fast when I started racing and being more involved with bike culture in college. The track and the road were something I became dedicated to. Riding and learning how to work on my bike was a form of complete liberation for me. I wanted others to have access to such an incredible machine and started the Tampa Bay Bike Co-Op which is still standing today. Despite the learning curve of dealing with my first winters ever, my move to New England has only inspired me to ride in even more ways. I am now in love with mountain biking, my ‘cross bike, and touring. I love working at a place where passion and inspiration come together to create something as beautiful as a Seven.

My Role at Seven

I manage and sass Rob Vandermark 9 hours a day, 5 days a week and then some.

My Future Sevens

Sola 650B SL
Expat SL

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