American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Jake Bridge: Philosopher in Residence


I grew up in the Northwest of the Northwest, in Sequim, WA. Before moving to Amherst, MA for graduate school, the farthest east I had ever lived was Oakland, California. Though I miss the Northwest dearly, I’ve come to love New England with its stone walls, maple syrup, ridiculous accents, and incredible cycling. Now I live in Lowell, MA with my wife Bridget (to whom I proposed with a tandem instead of a diamond), and our daughter, Lucy.

I came to Seven after spending several years in the academic world, working on my (still unfinished) doctorate in Philosophy and teaching part time. One day, frustrated by the many frustrating things about that life, I perused the job listings on craigslist. Right there after selling ice cream from a tricycle (I considered it) was the perfect fit: Seven, a company with values I share, making a product I love, was looking for a person with my skills. I’ve been working here for two years now.

Also, I bake a mean pie.

Why I work With Seven

The people, the bikes, the donuts, and dressing up for work means wearing a clean wool jersey.

My Role at Seven

Database Administrator, Random other IT stuff.

My Sevens

Steel Tsunami Fixed Gear