American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Bryan Hollingsworth: Rusty at Best


“It’s been three years of making frames and taking names, and I would have to say that I’m as pumped as day one.”

I was born into a family of cyclists and am no stranger to the saddle. As a child, I remember our family motto–“Veho vestri bicycle”. Loosely translated, this means, “Ride your bicycle constantly.” I do just that. I ride my bicycle for transportation, for fun, and for transportation to fun.

I still ride my first ten-speed on a daily basis&endash;it’s a Raleigh Super Grand Prix, a hand-me-down from my mother. It was her first ten-speed as well. While I started out with one bicycle, the number soon grew to well over a baker’s dozen, from bicycles found, borrowed, and assembled using available bathroom fixturing.

My life changed three years ago when I learned that with training and diligence, even mortals could fabricate bicycles. Seven’s bicycles don’t spring forth from nothingness. They’re built by humans&msash;humans who love bikes. I am one of those humans.

Why I work With Seven

It’s a chance to do more with bicycles than I ever thought possible.

My Role at Seven

Carbon Fiber Fabrication

Frequently Asked Questions about my job at Seven

Why are you so filthy all the time?

It’s a dirty job, sometimes.

Bryan Hollingsworth

My Sevens


Odoanata (ID8)