American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix


Even the popular classic satin finish of unpainted Ti can be individualized with your choice of four stock decal color options. And if that still isn’t enough, we’ll create custom color decals for your frame for a modest additional charge.

For a more subtle look, we offer bead blasted "decals" that are durable enough to last a lifetime. This finish is available for $200 on bare titanium frames, and an additional $150 on titanium components.

*Red decals are not available as a stock color on painted frames

Black with White Outline

White with Black Outline

Clear with White Outline

Red with White Outline*

Bead Blasted

Vinyl Schemes

Available in Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Pink as well as Reflective Black, Reflective White, and Reflective Red

Custom Name Decal

As a way to further customize your Seven, we can include a custom decal with your name or a short phrase on your new bike. Available in black or white in your choice of two typefaces, this can be added to the right-hand side of your frame on the top tube, near the seat tube. There is no charge for this name decal, and it is available on any of our painted or unpainted bike models.

Seven Custom Name Decal, White Script

White Script

Seven Custom Name Decal, Black Script

Black Script

Seven Custom Name Decal, White Block

White Block

Seven Custom Name Decal, Black Block

Black Block