American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Asymmetric Fastback Dropouts

Asymmetric Fastback Dropouts.jpg

At Seven, form follows function. Our Asymmetric Fastback Dropouts embody this principle, letting go the natural tendency toward symmetry in frame design to create a platform 75% stiffer than the most popular titanium thru-axle disc brake dropout on the market.

Not only does our Fastback design create a meaningfully stiffer drivetrain for improved acceleration, but it also means better disc brake performance and alignment. No chatter, squealing, or vibration. The Fastback dropout design offers us more than twice the welding surface at the chainstay interface, and that gives us a stronger, straighter, and stiffer joint. These custom asymmetric dropouts save 60 grams of weight over our conventional disc brake dropout system.