American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Features and Options

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44mm Head Tube Pump Peg Chain Hangar Rack Mounts Fender Mounts 3rd Water Bottle Mount Brake Mount Options Cable Routing Options Di2 or EPS Internal Routing Single Speed Version Fixed Gear Version Rohloff Hub Carbon Belt Drive 560b Wheels 26, 27.5, or 29-inch wheels S&S BTC Couplers Custom Color Decals Custom Name Decal Basic Paint Custom Paint Drivetrain Stiffness Weight to Performance Max Weight Recommendation
Model Material
622 XXcarbon with titanium lugs4-93-7240
622 SLultrabutted titanium with carbon4-63-7240
622 Sdouble-butted titanium with carbon4-63-8240
Axiom XXtitanium, ultrabutted4-63-7240
Axiom SLtitanium, double-butted4-93-10n/a
Axiom Stitanium4-104-10n/a
Axiomsteel, multibutted4-104-10n/a
Evergreen PROcarbon with titanium lugs4-93-7240
Evergreen XXtitanium, ultrabutted4-63-7240
Evergreen SLtitanium, double-butted4-93-10n/a
Evergreen Stitanium4-104-10n/a
Evergreensteel, multibutted4-104-10n/a
Redsky PROcarbon with titanium lugs4-93-7240
Redsky XXtitanium, ultrabutted4-63-7240
Redsky SLtitanium, double-butted4-93-10n/a
Redsky Stitanium4-93-10n/a
Redskysteel, multibutted4-104-10n/a
Expat SLtitanium, double-butted4-104-10n/a
Expat Stitanium4-104-10n/a
Expatsteel, multibutted4-104-10n/a
Greenway SLtitanium, double-butted4-104-10n/a
Greenway Stitanium4-104-10n/a
Greenwaysteel, multibutted4-104-10n/a
Mudhoney PROcarbon with titanium lugs4-93-7240
Mudhoney XXultrabutted titanium with carbon4-84-8240
Mudhoney SLtitanium, double-butted4-93-9n/a
Mudhoney Stitanium4-104-10n/a
Mudhoneysteel, multibutted4-104-10n/a
Airheart PRO SLcarbon with titanium lugs4-63-8240
Airheart PROcarbon with titanium lugs4-63-8240
Airheart XXtitanium, ultrabutted4-63-7240
Airheart SLtitanium, double-butted4-93-10n/a
Airheart Stitanium4-104-10n/a
Airheartsteel, multibutted4-104-10n/a
622m XXcarbon with titanium lugs4-93-7240
622m SLtitanium, double-butted with carbon4-94-9250
Sola XXtitanium, ultrabutted4-93-9n/a
Sola SLtitanium, double-butted4-94-9n/a
Sola Stitanium4-104-10n/a
Solasteel, multibutted4-104-10n/a
Sola+ SLtitanium, double-butted4-104-10n/a
Sola+ Stitanium4-104-10n/a
Treeline SLtitanium, double-butted4-104-10n/a
Treeline Stitanium4-104-10n/a
Axiom SL 007titanium, double-butted5-104-10n/a
Evergreen SL 007titanium, double-butted5-104-10n/a
Axiom 007steel, multibutted5-104-10n/a
Sola SL 007titanium, double-butted5-104-10n/a
Sola 007steel, multibutted5-104-10n/a