American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Mountain Race

Seven’s mountain line-up includes some of the most accomplished bikes in professional off-road competition. Why does that matter to you? Because there’s simply nothing like the feeling of being able to put your complete trust in a bike. Even if your career doesn’t depend on it.

Mountain Race Models

622m SL

Carbon fiber and butted titanium continue their successful partnership in the 622m SL. Telepathic handling and light weight are two of the frame’s hallmarks. Even with its XC race pedigree, the 622M SL is versatile enough for all-day adventures and excels on climbs and singletrack.

Sola SL

The Sola SL is a thoroughbred cross-country bike and versatile all-rounder. The SL is equally suited to technical descents or wide open climbs. Our double-butted titanium tubeset strikes the proper balance between stiffness and compliance on your terrain of choice.

Sola S

The Sola S is a versatile high performance hardtail designed for maximum durability and greater affordability. Its bombproof straight-gauge titanium construction makes it an excellent choice for extra abusive riders.

“You are guaranteed to get exactly the mountain bike you’ve always wanted from the folks in Watertown.” –Velonews