American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Mountain Expedition

No amount of fitness can prepare you for the trek ahead. Your preparedness is born from experience and months spent poring over maps from foreign lands. You know that the ‘Stans are a destination for adventure, not a tubeless tire system. What drives you to seek out the path less traveled (or never before traveled) is the same thing that leaves you no choice but the most proven, most capable, and most reliable mountain expedition bike on this lonely planet.

Mountain Expedition Models

Expat S

29er, 650b, or 26"

Not many bikes can boast that they’ve gone the length of the Silk Road. The Expat S can. Tricked out with Seven custom racks, it can carry enough luggage to support a family of five, in the wilderness, for a week. Straight gauge Ti makes it indestructible. Seven’s custom build process makes it comfortable. Your ideas make it everything you want it to be.

Sola S

29er, 650b, or 26"

Bomb proof. Workhorse. Stalwart. But make no mistake: there‘s nothing stodgy about the Sola S. A versatile, high performance hardtail designed for maximum durability and greater affordability, the Sola S will be your most trusted companion.


29er, 650b, or 26"

A traditionalist with a wild side. The Sola shows how far the steel mountain bike has come and why it’s still relevant. Featuring rider-specific tubing, precise fit and handling, perfect component compatibility, and endless custom options. Ride hard, ride fast, ride for hour-upon-hour in comfort on the finest steel hardtail on the planet.