American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Endurance Racing & Exhaustion

There exists a realm where pain is a given and finishing the ride is the ultimate prize. We ride through blazing hot sunlight and unknown midnight darkness. Singletrack pathways redefine distances as we reach terrain rarely conquered. Sometimes we race to cover distance. Other times to prove our worth against the clock. Six, twelve, twenty-four hours. Sometimes more.

Mountain Endurance Models

Sola SL

29er, 650b, or 26”

The perfect long distance mountain bike. The Sola SL is light and fast to whittle down the hours and the fatigue. Telepathic handling, forgiving ride, built to last. These are the qualities you‘ll appreciate most as the miles roll on and your mind begins to wander.

Sola S

29er, 650b, or 26”

Bomb proof. Workhorse. Stalwart. But make no mistake: there‘s nothing stodgy about the Sola S. A versatile, high performance hardtail designed for maximum durability and greater affordability, the Sola S will be your most trusted companion.


29er, 650b, or 26”

A traditionalist with a wild side. The Sola shows how far the steel mountain bike has come and why it‘s still relevant. Featuring rider-specific tubing, precise fit and handling, perfect component compatibility, and endless custom options. Ride hard, ride fast, ride for hour-upon-hour in comfort on the finest steel hardtail on the planet.

One Mountain Bike

Many Choices


wheel size

No one wheel is ideal for all applications. 29er. 26”. 650b. 96er. A decade ago, when we built our first 29er prototype, wheel and tire options were woefully limited; we had to use road hoops to get us going. Fast forward to today: we design bikes for all wheel and tire sizes. We ride them. We race them. We experiment with them. Each wheel size demands geometry adjustments. We‘re comfortable with the tradeoffs that each category requires.


single speed

Whether you seek the purity of off-road single-speeding or you just enjoy the quiet simplicity of one gear, Seven offers a variety of single-speed solutions: belt drive, slider dropouts, eccentric bottom bracket, or horizontal drops. Who would have thought that a simple single-speed had so many options? We can help choose the single best option for your single-speed passion.


brake systems

Faster riding through better stopping. We optimize the design with whatever braking system you prefer. Standard hydro disc? Sweet. Prefer an easy to maintain low-mount cable actuated disc? With pleasure. Lightweight purity of V-brakes your preference? Absolutely. Want all three mounting options? Okay…we can do that. Those who can stop faster can ride faster.


bottom brackets

We offer all of our mountain bikes with three bottom bracket options. The most popular is the 68 mm threaded bottom bracket. For those who have something else in mind, we offer the BB30 system to work with the latest oversized spindle. We even offer an eccentric bottom bracket option for single-speed chain tensioning duties.