American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix


Explosive acceleration.
Throw your bike.

Criterium Models

Axiom S

Titanium finds its way into bike frames because it combines game-changing strength and durability with light weight and highly tunable ride characteristics. Whether you’re tearing around the local office park on the end of the breakaway or shooting the gap in a finishing sprint, the Axiom S goes right where you want it.


Fatigue Testing

We’re committed to delivering the highest quality products possible, and that means we’re obsessed with the details of your frame, including many aspects that the untrained eye would never notice. Here are a few examples:

  • Our proprietary tube butting technologies hold wall thickness variations to within 0.001”—the thickness of a human hair. Tolerances this tight are critical to controlling elements such as weight, stiffness, compliance, and durability.
  • Every Seven is subjected to no less than 50 alignment checks—28 in welding alone. Each is designed to guarantee the straightest, most accurate frame possible. This is crucial to ensuring proper bike handling.
  • We designed our own in-house fatigue testing machine specifically to test riding-specific stresses. Performing our own tests allow us to assure the safety and reliability of everything we make.

This is just a glimpse of the painstaking efforts we take to ensure no detail is overlooked. Is that obsessive? Perhaps. But taking any other approach with your bike is not an option.

“Here stands a machine that can—and will—do just about anything you want it to. Mission accomplished.” –ProCycling